April 9, 2021 12:00 AM

#SouthernPeoplesPower Weekend

#SouthernPeoplesPower Weekend
It’s time to Build.

WHEN: April 9-11, to culminate the People’s First 100 Days on the 100th day!
WHAT: Public actions to name what we want to BUILD in our communities
WHO: SMA members, community groups, neighbors, pods, and all our folks
WHY: Show our collective power and our visions of the world we are building

Friday, April 9

What: Organized groups declare messages of support for local policy fights like the Gulf South Green New Deal and #DefundPolice campaigns to connect policy campaigns to frontline community demands.

How: Organize public actions at Southern capitols with active legislative sessions, city councils, or decision-making bodies to declare your community’s commitment to divesting from policies that harm our communities and investing in community control of resources.

Saturday, April 10

What: Public actions that lift our Southern voices to name what we want to build in our communities — What is your vision health, safety, work, and land? Let’s show our visions for the world are building!

How: Show our energy and our visions for change by using arts and culture to send a strong message about what your community is committed to building together.

Examples of creative actions: car parades with signs, banner drops, murals, videos, songs, zoom parties, posters, trucks with amplification, press events, poetry readings, guerilla theatre, a speakers’ corner, dancing, street art, parking lot rallies, etc.

Sunday, April 11

What: Social media and communications actions to share, show, and connect Southern communities rising up. Let’s show the world that the South is redefining health, safety, land, and work on our own terms!

How: Use your existing social media channels to share the photos, messages, and cultural expressions of #SouthernPeoplesPower. We will learn about what people are doing all over the region and share our visions for the world we are building.

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