On the Road to SMA 10

The Road to SMA 10 - Flexing Our Power

Southern Movement Assembly 10 will converge September 9-11th in North Carolina 

How do we exercise our Southern Freedom Movement power to replace the systems that have failed us?

Rooted in the spirit of the original SMA I in 2012 that converged in Lowndes County, Alabama on the site of 1965’s Freedom City, SMA 10 will recognize the last decade of our movement building work. SMA 10 will be a convergence of community representatives that builds our collective political power, skills, and governance practices in the face of rising authoritarianism, public health crisis, climate change, and economic distress. The through-line of the Southern Freedom Movement’s long-term fight for political power will inform our current efforts to protect our rights to fully exist which include our rights to vote, to protest, to learn, and to sustain our lives, families, and planet. SMA 10 will convene Southern leadership to produce a shared 2023 plan RESIST the attacks and to BUILD our power.

POWER OF THE PMA: Organizing Intensive > JUNE 11-12, 2022

The Peoples Movement Assembly is an organizing methodology that Social Movements throughout history and around the world have used assemblies to make decisions. Movements, particularly in the Global South – Africa, Asia, and Latin America have used assemblies to advance the practice of people power, self-determination, and governance. In the 21st century, social movements are building power through radical democratic, participatory spaces that respect and trust the collective voice of people in struggle. The Southern Movement Assembly organizes PMAs to gather, learn, and develop shared strategies on every frontline. Since 2011, Organizing Intensives have been sites of training and capacity building for organizers around the South. In 2022, we will focus on the skills required to organize, facilitate, and synthesize PMAs. 

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CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF SMA: We will root in the legacy and culture of the SMA by gathering our people to remember the past, honor the present, and heal in order to transform our material conditions.
BUILD LOCAL/REGIONAL POWER ACROSS FRONTLINES: Our people resist and build across the frontlines of Climate, Abolition/Policing/Militarization, Labor and Economy, Legislative Policies, Election Protection, Health and Wellness, Body Autonomy, Critical Institutions, Refugees/Immigrants, and Land.

STRENGTHEN OUR RELATIONSHIPS, SKILLS, AND STRATEGIES: SMA is at its best when we are building and strengthening our relationships. During and post SMA, we will map our people power and create synthesis that connects our strategies across the US and global South.

How to engage on the Road to SMA 10:

  • Join Work Teams to make it happen! - build relationships, map and tell our stories, coordinate actions, People’s Movement Assemblies, and campaigns that are rooted in the SPI (practice a people’s democracy, build new social economies, and protect and defend our communities)
  • Engage in study and synthesis through the Hot D.A.M. Freedom and Survival School.
  • Learn how to organize a People’s Movement Assembly at the “Power of the PMA” organizing intensive, June 11-12th
  • Converge your people and build across frontlines with PMAs to bring visions and strategies to SMA 10 and to establish regional identities to challenge state borders. (Gulf South, Deep South, Coastal South, Appalachia, Mid-South, and Global South)
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