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Summer of Assemblies | June Membership Call

This season we are kicking off the next stop on the road to SMA 10 - The "Summer of Assemblies"! Southern Freedom Fighters are preparing to gather together to create visions and strategies on every front-line across the U.S and Global South. This year we set out a goal to sharpen our skills, connect our plans, and prepare to flex our power at SMA 10!

During the call we were joined by facilitators from our 6-month Freedom and Survival School series - Hot D.A.M. focusing on Decolonization, Abolition, and Mutual aid to share a synthesis on the key lessons learned from the study group series. We also be highlighted the experiences from the recent organizing intensive that was held earlier this month to skill up our folks; and best of all we layed out the ways you can organize with your community to host a Peoples Movement Assembly this summer.

Get ready to gather your people and organize towards the "Summer of Assemblies” to resist and build across all front-lines of struggle!


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The Art of Strategy: Building Solidarity Across Generations!
The Art of Strategy: Building Solidarity Across Generations!

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